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Professor Pavic - Sheffield University - Full Scale Dynamics

Professor Aleksandar Pavic, the Head of the Vibration Engineering Section of the University Of Sheffield and Managing Director of the Full Scale Dynamics Ltd who is co-hosting the seminar, will show new in-situ structural monitoringalex pavic procedures which are state-of-the-art worldwide and measures which may have an impact on the temporary structures industry in the future.

New developments in monitoring of temporary structures are always of interest to event safety professionals. Professor Pavic said, "Full Scale Dynamics is a high-tech spin-off company of The University of Sheffield specialising in vibration serviceability, dynamic analysis, testing and monitoring of large civil engineering structures such as bridges, footbridges, ground and suspended floors, grandstands, staircases, dams, and any type of tall and long structures. The technology we have developed can also be used to provide live monitoring of a temporary structures performance under load, including suspended accessories. The 2012 seminar will help us explain these developments to industry professionals".

Here are 3 PDF documents which show the testing and monitoring services available from Special Structures Lab and Full Scale Dynamics Ltd. 1 - CIV410_4rudi.pdf, - 2 - CIV441_4rudi.pdf, - 3 - GSE1_UoS_r.pdf

Right click and select "save taget as" to download the PDF's.