MT66 Portable Membrane

Project  MT66 festival and events structure

Client  Mobile Structures Location  various Year  200-2011

Designed by the MT66 Portable Membrane | Rudi Enos Design Team and Engineered by Alan White, the MT66 is probably the most efficient portable structure ever built in terms of sheer size versus portability.

The structure is configurable in many different ways. It can be used as an in line structure at 44metre by 44metre, 44 x 66, 44 x 88, and 44 x 110. It can be used as a 4 pole 66 x 66 metre structure. It can be used as a 6 pole 66 x 76, 8 pole 66 x 92 and 10 pole 66 x 108. Finally the yellow and blue version can be used at 66 x 66, 66 x 88 and 66 x 110.

The structure is used at Glastonbury as the dance stage, at Reading Rock for the BBC Radio 1 stage, in Cork for the 'Live At The Marquee' summer concerts, and by both Holiday On Ice and Walt Disney On Ice touring shows. It can be erected with just a few men and a telescopic forklift in less than 2 days and has worked on 4 continents. This remarkable structure is surely one of the finest portable structures ever built.