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Hi there, I am Rudi Enos, I am the designer of many of the very large structures you see at music festivals and major events. I have hands on experience of the design process, I undertake actual analysis using software suites, and I have also been there at 3 o'clock in the early hours with rain dripping down my neck trying to solve issues with structures!

First of all, let me welcome you to our seminar held in Sheffield for the second time in 12 years. The last seminar highlighted some issues which we are addressing this time around.

One, that we didn't cover all areas that we could have, due to time constraints, which is why we have a two day gig this time. Many people are not here due to this, as they couldn't take the time off, but we thank you all for making the effort to come.
Two, to go into a little more detail on each subject to allow greater understanding.
Three, to provide a more lasting experience which we are addressing by attempting to make things easier to understand and by providing seminar notes as a future aide memoir.

We have also invited guest speakers who will bring their own views on the issues of safety and structures. In addition Professor Alex Pavic of the University Of Sheffield Vibration Engineering Section will bring a different perspective to the proceedings on day 2.

We will have demonstrations and discussions on the design, manufacture, installation and inspection of temporary structures and in particular long span fabric tented structures and larger fabric roofed stages.

You will see how each of these factors can influence the planning, licensing and organisation of events.

This is not a general health and safety seminar. We only cover those areas which affect the Health and Safety Issues that need to be discussed on the relevant temporary structure being discussed.

Examination of several reference installations will be covered.

We suggest that you have pen and paper available at all times, so that you can write down any questions you may wish answered at the end of each session. Discussion and question time will be available .

After participating in the seminar, you will be able to:

• Inspect and certify portable structure installations based upon your previous qualifications and experience
• Understand the interdependence of the structural design, operating conditions, shop drawings and manufacturing techniques of temporary structures
• Apply design principles for ground conditions, retaining anchors, structural components and rigging on projects
• Evaluate local weather conditions as they relate to the manufactured structure
• Prevent temporary structure failure having developed insight into the causes of such failure
• Enhance safety on your projects by using the checklist for inspection that you take with you after participating in its development.

You will take away with you documentation that provides an 'aide memoir' for future reference. We will be putting the video and audio recordings of the 2 days on the specialstructures.com website where you will have full access through your registration password. This is a private area, only attendees will have access. In addition, all the videos, slides and much other documentation will go online in the days and weeks after the event.

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