Day 1: 9:38-9:45 - Intro 2 - Professor Pavic's Synopsis

AlexIntroduction to the Vibration Engineering Section and Full Scale Dynamics Ltd as, respectively, the key UK research and commercialisation outfits specialised in:

full-scale monitoring of large civil engineering structures under dynamic loading: wind, traffic, humans, etc.

automatic experimental data interpretation, including:

Fusing structural with with environmental (wind, temperature) data;
correlation with structural engineering performance criteria; and identification of anomalous or dangerous structural behavior.

Rapid technological advances in full-scale instrumentation and experimental data gathering and processing in the last 5 years made possible real-time performance monitoring and assessment, in conjunction with the structural engineer responsible for design; this is not widely known and the aim of this seminar would be to increase awareness of this powerful opportunity;

Key ideas/concepts:

All full-scale large structures are potential laboratories.
In dynamics, anything that is calculated can be measured: dynamic displacements, strains, natural frequencies, damping, mode shapes, and correlated with environmental effects such as wind or temperatire.

Two typical applications:

  • permanent long-term monitoring; technology currently deployed on long span bridges, tall buidlings and chimneys
  • short-term testing; floors, footbridges, staircases
  • Real-time measurements and reporting of performance is now available
  • key problem: interpretation of the automatic on-line data analysis
  • interaction with structural engineer needed in order to define key performance indicators which need monitoring and defining in terms of danger level, say - red, amber and green zones.
  • modern technology is robust enough that it could give warning of anomalous or dangerous behaviour.
  • installation easy and robust prior to erection of temporary structures; needs scheming and planing within the existing erection process, in conjunction with the structural engineer and contractor.

After particpating in the seminar, you will:

Be aware of state-of-the-art opportunities for monitoring of large temporary structures;
Be able to commission a monitoring system that you can use to monitor structural performance during the even and recognise anomalous or dangerous behaviour.

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