Yorkshire Planetarium

  • Special_Structures_Lab_Yorkshire_Planetarium_01.jpg
  • Special_Structures_Lab_Yorkshire_Planetarium_02.jpg
  • Special_Structures_Lab_Yorkshire_Planetarium_03.jpg
  • Special_Structures_Lab_Yorkshire_Planetarium_04.jpg
  • Special_Structures_Lab_Yorkshire_Planetarium_05.jpg
  • Special_Structures_Lab_Yorkshire_Planetarium_06.jpg

Project  Yorkshire Planetarium Domes

Client  Geodesics Unlimited Location  Harewood House, Yorkshire, UK  Year  2007

These stunning domes were designed by Amila Y'Mech of Geodesics Unlimited for Chameleon TV. Special Structures Lab's Alan White designed the steelwork for the 3 21 metre domes.

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