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Specialist software

Special Structures Lab uses a wide variety of software in the analysis and design of structures, such as FEA (finite element analysis) CFD (computational fluid dynamics) CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacture) and BIM (Building Information Modelling). These tools produce stronger, lighter and more cost effective products that ever before. By using rendering and modelling software, we provide the client with visuals of outstanding clarity to allow decisions to be made about concepts and final design.

NDN Membrane

Membrane NDN software is the only true engineering and production oriented software for real tension membrane project design and manufacturing. It is easy to learn, has the fastest matrix solver in existence and features video game quality graphics and renderings. Membrane automatically loads the structure, sizes steel members, produces output reports and produces cutting patterns to the desired width to allow manufacture of the design.

TechNet Easy NT

EASY analysis tools provide the most effective method of assessing the forces in the structures membrane, it's cables and the reaction loads on the supporting steelwork. With the ability to define and model precisely the ultimate tensile strength and stiffness of the membrane and reinforcement materials, and then to determine maximum loads, deflections and reaction loads from the dynamic membrane, every condition can be simulated and shown.

AutoDesk Building Design Suite Premium

This suite of programs takesour designs into a digital world where we can create, visualise, simulate, document, and manage all aspects of the project including CAD and BIM.

STRAP Finite Element Design suite

This flexible and fast design suite interacts with our CAD systems and our calculation output procedures to ensure accurate and efficient analysis of structures.