Space Matrix

Project Space Matrix Carbon Fibre Spaceframe System

Client  Various   Location  Harewood House, Yorkshire, UK Year  1998

This unique spaceframe system was originally designed to make the connection of carbon fibre composite tubes an economics proposition. It has since been refined and can be used in aluminium, steel and even with bamboo.

This product allows fabricators to produce standard systems for construction of space frame structural members. A UK patent has been granted, (Patents GB 98 06 435, GB 99 06 883). The patent was applied for in 1998, but the products development goes back to the mid 1990's.

Our aim is to manufacture structural systems that can be used within pre defined performance parameters, as a kit of parts to assemble anything from exhibition stands to major structural components. We hope to provide a paradigm for the use of composites in construction and to allow their use in day to day industry.

The Display System - (DS) - using moulded polymer components with chrome plated extruded UPVC tubes for economic assembly of frameworks for exhibition, display and commercial interiors.

The Composite System - (CS) - using many differing mixes of poltruded, filament wound, or pull wound members which can be tailored for specific structural properties. The nodes are manufactured using methods similar to those employed on formula one racing cars or military applications. This provides an optimum solution for non conducting, non corrosive and low maintenance applications.

The Alloy System - (AS) The Alloy System - (AS) - using drop forged aluminium alloy components which are welded into aluminium tubes using existing fabrication techniques.