The Event - 28th & 29th March 2012 - Royal Victoria Hotel - Sheffield

To all who attended the event, many, many thanks for making it an interesting, informative and possibly vital gathering over 2 days. Those who registered for the event will receive further ongoing information in the near future and will also have access to all of the slides, videos and the transcript of the 2 days.

Once again, many thanks for making the event such a success. More response information will be sent out over the next few weeks to seminar attendees.

Click here to view and download the first press release.

Pictures of the event.

.SSL Seminar 2012 01

Alan White, of Alan White Design and Special Structures Lab.

SSL Seminar 2012 02

Steven Corfield-Moore of Serious Stages, Tim Roberts of the Event Safety Shop,

Abigail Matthews of Momentum Engineers and Ken ? of Serious Stages.

Many thanks for supporting our seminar.

SSL Seminar 2012 03

Gavin Bye, head of Construction Sector and Policy, of the Health and Safety Executive Construction Division.

Many thanks for supporting our seminar.

.SSL Seminar 2012 04

Rudi Enos (Special Structures Lab) and Gavin Bye of the UK Health and Safety Executive.