P Span Arena Specifications

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Model specifications are available for P Span. Several reference designs from 2,500 to 15,000 seats have been undertaken and the basic engineering analysis and project costs proved. Contact us for any enquiries.P Span specifications 01
Flexible internal arrangement • No obstructed views

Skyboxes with separate entrance • Designed for low operating costs

Flexibility of options for:• Heating • Air conditioning • Sprinkler systems

Options for design dependant upon site • Pitch slightly below existing ground level

Meets local safety standards world wide • Pitch at ground level

Excellent circulation areas • Flexibility for arrangement of ancillary rooms

Forms central part of entertainment area • Additional structures can be incorporated 

Long span structure • Fabric membrane roof • Translucent or light blocking roof

Up to 15,000 seats • Major revenue generation opportunities

Up to 110 metres wall to wall in width and 200 metre in length (360 feet by 650 feet).

Up to 35 metres high inside. (115 feet)

Under seat areas can be utilised.