Project  MegaDome Portable Structure 

Client  Mobile Structures Location  Festivals Year  2011

Designed by Rudi Enos, the Megadome is owned and operated by Mobile Structures. The structural work was designed using NDN Membrane, a Finite Element Analysis package by Special Structures Lab Ltd, which is a collaborationbetween Rudi Enos Design and Alan White Design.

The structure has the largest clear area in front of the stage of any portable structure available for hire. The six King Poles in front of the stage form a 50 metre (164 feet) circle with a clear distance of 62 metres (200 feet) in front of the stage. At the recent Reading Festival there were more than 20,000 people enjoying a clear view of the performance.

The centre section has the largest unsupported area of any large membrane structure in the world. The structure is a composite cable net, more than 15,000 metres of reinforced polyester webbing were used to support the membrane.

Noah and The Whale at Reading Festival 2011. Click on the image  to open video.

noah reading