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Our office has produced the largest portable structures ever built. We have specified and instructed in the manufacture of literally thousands of small tented, awning and portable structures over the last 30 years. The scale of the project can be large or small; we provide the same service to all in that we specialise in bespoke design & build structures with a total focus on form, function, engineering and service. We can provide engineered turn-key solutions for those projects and pride ourselves that short deadlines can be achieved.

We provide the manufacturing geometry for all parts of the project such as membrane cutting patterns, steelwork fabrication drawings, cable specifications and foundation design, either in part or the whole project. We provide direct digital input for industrial robots to produce fabric cutting patterns and profiled steel components.

With tension fabric membrane roofs and other cladding, the devil really is in the detail.

AJ Tensile fabrications services cutting 2

AJ Tensile fabrications services cutting2

Images courtesy of AJ Tensile Fabrications Ltd