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A properly devised and managed maintenance programme is vital to protect the investment in the structure and maximise the life span. This ‘Whole Of Life’ approach takes into account many parameters and arrives at the optimum solution for the life of the structure, often incorporating access solutions to make maintenance more economical, often providing a 'shopping list' to allow the client to choose the most cost effective (for them) method of achieving the project goals.

This must also include issues such as cleaning, access and maintenance.

Tensile roof materials often come with warranties up to 15 years or in the case of glass fabrics and 100% PTFE, 30 to 50 years. To ensure that the warranties are meaningful, we provide documentation throughout the life of the roof. These extended warranties are often meaningless unless the management team adhere to strict rules regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the insured materials.


Image courtesy of Access North.