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Engineering Services

Special Structures Lab (including Alan White Design and Rudi Enos Design) provide a wide range of services that specialise in the fields of lightweight structures for;

SSL Planetarium Harewood 01

  1. Temporary structures such as tented roofs, grandstand seats, exhibition trailers
  2. Temporary access systems for construction, maintenance or cleaning access
  3. Permanent lightweight roofing such as structural fabric membrane roofs and facades on tensile and tension fabric roofs
  4. Permanent lightweight space frames for exhibition, structures and domes

 SSL also provide general design on special structures of all kinds through;

Design Services - we manage the design, manufacture, installation and project management of complete structures either direct for clients or as specialist providers of specialist services.

Manufacture - we provide the manufacturing geometry for all parts of the project such as membrane cutting patterns, steelwork fabrication drawings, cable specifi9cations and foundation design, either in part or the whole project.

Installation - we manage and instruct the instalation team or subcontractor on specificareas of the installation process.

Project Management - we often provide a complete service for the client including bill of materials, component lists, budget costings and liability consultancy.

Maintenance - we advise on 'whole of life' issues concerning the project, often providing a 'shopping list' to allow the client to choose the most cost effective (for them) method of achiving the project goals. This must also include issues such as cleaning, access and maintenance.