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About Special Structures Lab

Special Structures Lab was started in 1997 to provide engineering design services for special projects and special structures. Since then many different and diverse jobs have been undertaken. Special Structures Lab often collaborates with other engineers and design teams always ensuring that the highest possible standards of engineering are maintained.  They have worked with and for other design teams in many countries and provide many of the back room specialist services that most engineers do not have a need for day to day.  These special techniques, software capabilities and expert knowledge are available from Special Structures Lab.  The practice also works in the field of on site testing and certification and design access solutions for building bridges and roofs. 

Today, when providing these services to other engineers, Special Structures Lab is a collaboration between Rudi Enos Design and Alan White Design. re ny 01C

Rudi Enos

Rudi Enos is one of the foremost designers of special structures in the world.  Long span structures, and in particular long span tension membrane structures require specialist expertise in design, analysis, manufacturing techniques, and installation procedures. Only a handful of engineers in the world have this expertise and Rudi is one of that select group. When it comes to portable structures, the 35 years Rudi has spent developing ever-larger structures means that in this area he has no peers.  Not all of his concepts are on a large scale. Most of his designs reflect the relationship between space, weight, performance and the energy required to undertake the project, within a fully modern context.

His portable venue designs are used to house the largest audiences, the most prestigious events and the most graceful installations the event business has ever seen.  Rudi has designed and built, or designed for others, more tented, mobile and demountable structures than all other British designers put together.  He also provides specialist consulting services to the construction industry for special structures. This expertise is available to all.

We have a long standing relationship and have collaborated with ALAN WHITE DESIGN on many outstanding projects.

Alan White

Alan White Bsc.,M.Eng., C.Eng., M.I.C.E., M.I.H.T., CPEng(Aust)., MIEAust

Alan White is a chartered structural engineer who is one of the most knowledgeable designers in the field of temporary access and lightweight structures.

Using two space frame structures that he invented, one in steel and one in aluminium, he has provided temporary access systems to power station boilers, multi-storey buildings, cathedrals, ships, oil rigs and bridges worldwide.

Alan White Design is renowned for temporary works and for the design of temporary structures both large and small. It is the knowledge of the temporary works required for construction that gives a foundation for the design of simple and elegant structures that are practical and can be built with ease.

Innovation in design has always been the main objective of Alan White Design Ltd and this, alongwith our fast response times, has given the company a solid customer base and continued repeat business.

Other Engineers

We also work with many other talented engineers to provide the expertise or software tools that they don’t normally work with. Our usual input to their projects is as a specialist on fabric roofs. If you have a project that you want to discus, please ring us.